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A loyal overseas compatriot, Yun back to his homeland

Professor Huiyun Xiang, President-elect of Tongji Medical College Overseas Alumni Association (TJMOAA), visited Wuhan Union Hospital


On July 4, 2016, TJMOAA President-elect, Dr. Huiyun Xiang, Professor of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, visited his alma mater—Wuhan Union Hospital. He had an exciting and interactive dialogue with the leadership team and young scholars of the hospital.


Professor Guobin Wang, President of the Wuhan Union Hospital, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, gave a warm welcome to Professor Huiyun Xiang on behalf of the hospital. President Wang shared with Dr. Xiang the hospital’s achievements in academic and clinical programs in the recent years as well as its strategic plan for the future.


Professor Xiang marveled at the outstanding achievements the hospital has made in various areas comparing with what it had been like three years ago. As an overseas alumni, he was so proud of the achievements and milestones his alma mater Tongji Medical College and Wuhan Union Hospital have made.


President Wang expressed his gratitude to the TJMOAA for their supports to Wuhan Union Hospital and promised that Wuhan Union Hospital would continue its full support to the TJMOAA as well. He also introduced the new policies of attracting talented scholars and the scientific training programme for talented young scholars which started in 2015. He hoped that the TJMOAA would continually support Wuhan Union Hospital. Professor Xiang responded positively and said that he would like to take the advantage of TJMOAA’s resources to help build a higher and better platform for international scientific exchange with the Union Hospital, so as to help the hospital move upward in areas such as training the world’s leading scholars, scientific exchange and collaboration in research.


In the afternoon, Professor Xiang gave a touching lecture about “ethics and talents” to the teachers and students of the hospital. He told young physicians to have a “humble heart” and “to act justly and to love mercy before you do things correctly and successfully” by showing his own experiences of growing up this way.


Only when you have a humble heart can you retain water, fully focus on research, and rise gradually based on your accumulated experience and strength. Only when you have a humble heart can you collaborate with others and run fast together. Professor Xiang’s research team is united, academically vibrant, and open to collaboration. He believed that his achievements today was highly related with the “ethic” culture he established in his team and in the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research, in which he is founding director. Professor Jinnong Zhang, Director of the Emergency Department, attended the lecture with other medical staff from the department. Professor Zhang also shared his experience and moved the audience. All attendees were inspired or lost in thought by the debate in “skills” and the development and implementation of “ethics” in scientific and clinical activities. The lecture was repeatedly extended because young scholars were excited and asked Professors Xiang and Zhang many questions.


Professor Xiang’s tour in his alma mater Union Hospital represented a loyal and deep-rooted love of the TJMOAA, which will promote the “globalization strategy” of our hospital – building a large world-renowned teaching hospital.


Professor Rui An, Vice President of the Union Hospital, attended the meeting. Professor Jinxiang Zhang, Director of the Human Resources Department, arranged and organized the meetings, in which the Office of International Exchange provided assistance.


Huiyun Xiang, MD, MPH, PhD

Professor of Medicine, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Professor of Epidemiology, The Ohio State University College of Public Health

Director, Center for Pediatric Trauma Research, Nationwide Children’s, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Director of Research Core, Center for Injury Research and Policy, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Director for International Programs, Center for Injury Research and Policy, The Ohio State University College of Medicine



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